3D printed planes

222,00 €
The waiting has been long, but it’s definitely over now. Another 1:6.6 scale warbird is here – Vought F4U Corsair the “whistling death”! And off course with all the possible features like foldable wings, 3-section flaps per wing, retractable, rotating landing gear, and a little bonus: optional sound module, so it doesn’t only look and fly good, but it also sounds almost like the real thing. Since the real-life Corsair is a huge beast, even our model’s wingspan is 1.9 meters, but don’t worry, as you’re used to with our models, it’s still printable on standard sized desktop 3D printer!

11 channel controls includes motor, 2x elevator, rudder, both ailerons, 4x flaps, retractable landing gear + optional sound module.
Wing span (m) 1.90m
Length (m) 1.52m
Wing area (dm²) 67.4dm²
Weight (kg) 5.950kgs
Engine (cc) 8s 5000mAh
Ref. n°: CORSAIR F4U