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120,00 €
Future of flying – Print your own plane

Il-2M3 Sturmovik

Fully 3D printable RC model of the most successfull soviet ground attack plane, specially designed to meet ACES aircombat reqirements, but also as a cheap and easy to build RC model for everyday flying. Many scale details such as armament, airframe plating or exhausts encourages to create realistic paint jobs. Huge wing area results in nice stall characteristics and easy landings. Get ready for battle with this great performing flying tank!

You’ll get a superb performing airplane with highly efficient powerplant capable of flying 7+minutes at full throtle and speeds exceeding 110 kph (HP setup). Low stall speed is achieved for easy landing on the other hand.
Wing span (m) 1.23m
Ref. n°: IL-2 M3