3D printed planes
P38 kit

150,00 €
3D printed semiscale model of twin engine, twin boom heavy fighter, one of the fastest piston powered fighter of WWII, is a challenging build fully taking advantage of this new technology. The result is great flying aircraft, with all the bells and whistles. The features includes counter-rotating motors against torque roll, retractable landing gear with stearable nose wheel, flaps for easier landings and high cool factor. This warbird is capable of high speed passes, as well as flying as a kite. It’s easy to disassemble for transportation using click locks.

If you want to save some weight/channels, there’s a belly landing variant available.

12 channel controls include motors, two elevators, two rudders, two flaps, two ailerons, retractable landing gear and nose steering.

Wing span (m) 1.41m
Length (m) 1.04m
Wing area (dm˛) 30.5dm˛
Weight (kg) 1.980kg
Engine (cc) 3s 3000mAh
Ref. n°: P38