3D printed planes
P47 Thunderbold kit

90,00 Ä
With itís bigger size is the ďJugĒ, as this WWII allied attack/fighter plane was usually called, not so fast or agile as the Spitfire or Mustang, but same as the original, itís capable of carrying much more payload while maintaining friendly flight characteristics. In the standard four-channel version itís easier to fly, but this warbird can be also equipped with rudder/retracts conversion kit and LED position lighting system.

4 channel controls include motor, elevator and both ailerons.
Wing span (m) 1.16m
Length (m) 970mm
Wing area (dm≤) 24.5dm≤
Weight (kg) 1.250kg
Engine (cc) 6s 2200mAh
Ref. nį: P47