3D printed planes
PT 17 Stearmn kit

140,00 €
Being the first truly scale 3D printed bi-plane ever, the 3DLabPrint Stearman, despite its higher all-up-weight, is a stable, slow stall speed relax / fun flying aircraft capable of all basic aerobatic maneuvers and with plenty of beautiful scale details. Featuring rotary engine, seats and instrument panels, landing gear with working 3D printed suspension and “rubber” tires, this plane is simply going to amaze everyone in the field.

5 channel controls include motor, elevator, rudder and both ailerons.
Wing span (m) 1.22m
Length (m) 94.6m
Wing area (dm˛) 44dm˛
Weight (kg) 2.420kgs
Engine (cc) 3s 3000mAh
Ref. n°: PT 17 Stearman