3D printed planes

Product Description

Highly detailed scale model of the pre WWII polish fighter by PrintBeat team. As before with the F4U Corsair engine replica, this model by PrintBeat features many scale details. Expect perfectly modeled instrument panel, engine, targeting reticule, etc.

The PZL P.11 was a Polish fighter aircraft, designed in 1930 in Warsaw. It was considered a very mature design and excelled in its agility. The first type flew up in 1931. In battle, it was first used at the beginning of World War II after the invasion of Poland by Germany. But in that time it was considered obsolete. This airplane, piloted by sub-Lieutenant Wladyslaw Gnys, as the first allied aircraft, was the first one to shoot down a German plane in the Second World War (Junkers Stuka 87). In total, these machines attributed 126 victories (Luftwaffe) during the Polish campaign. This type of aircraft was also used by Romanian, Hungarian, Soviet, Latvian and Bulgarian Air Force
Wing span (m) 1.10m
Length (m) 0.8m
Weight (kg) 1300gr
Ref. n: PZL p.11C