3D printed planes
Spitfire MK IX kit

210,00 Ä
Now things are getting serious! What you can print at home is a scale Spitfire in its most famous version IX with all the possible features like split flaps, retractable landing gear and all the scale details like exhausts, radiators, transparent sliding canopy, steerable tail wheel and armament that not only looks but also flies scale. And itís wingspan is 1,7 meters which means itís huge, yet still printable on standard desktop printer!

8 channel controls includes motor, elevator, rudder, both ailerons and flaps, retractable landing gear.
Wing span (m) 1.7m
Length (m) 1.49m
Wing area (dm≤) 51.4dm≤
Weight (kg) 3.700kgs
Engine (cc) 6s 4500mAh
Ref. nį: Spitfire MK IX