3D printed planes
Trainer kit

Although not as fancy as other planes, this QB based trainer is going to be a workhorse of your daily flying. Transferring from foamies get used to a different behavior of scale weighted and rigid planes with this durable, easily controlled plane and improve your flying and landing skills. Changeable landing gear with optional tri-cycle or tail-dragger configuration, spin-stall proof wing with plenty of lift and easy/cheap to repair durable construction makes this plane along with Easymax ideal entry point to 3D printed flying.

5 channel controls includes motor, elevator, rudder and both ailerons
Wing span (m) 1.32m
Length (m) 98.7m
Wing area (dm) 27.7dm
Weight (kg) 1.570kg
Engine (cc) 3s 3300mAh
Ref. n: Trainer