Desert Aircraft DA-100L

Desert Aircraft DA-100L

180 g less weight and 100 RPM more than the DA-100 on the same prop.
Aerobatic power curve.
Most torque in its class.
New and smaller crankcase, CNC milled from 7075 aluminum alloy.
Long conrod with gudgeon pin located very near to piston crown to reduce side loads.
Three crank bearings, long spacing between front bearings.
Walbro Carburator
Four petal reed valve, bottom induction.
Electronic ignition with auto advance and retard.
DA engines are designed using the latest tools and techniques, including 3D CAD and Stereo Lithography.

The DA 100L is a computer designed high performance model aircraft engine. The finish of the machining makes a very strong impression of the overall quality. All components have been designed by Desert Aircraft without compromise, are machined by specialist firms exclusively for this engine.

The long conrod, plus the gudgeon pin being mounted close to the piston crown allows the high torque to be transferred without undue sidethrust. This reduces wear and piston drag thereby increasing the performance, so much so the DA 100L has the power of many other 120cc engines.
Piston, conrod and crankshaft design were with a computer simulation programme perfectly balanced and harmonized to each other. The DA 100L gives the lowest vibration levels in it class over the entire throttle range.

A prominent feature is the very long front crankcase. The third bearing is placed well forward directly behind the propeller hub. The very stiff and long crankshaft housing makes for ease of installing the engine under the cowl.

Each single crankcase is machined out of the full from the high tensile aircraft alloy 7075-T6. Compared to die casting, a very expensive method in time and material. This all has the great advantage of a high standard of precision and perfectly aligned crankshaft bearings as well as a superior strength and stiffness; all requirements of a high performance engine with a very long life. Last thing, the optical effect of the perfectly machined surfaces on the DA 100L makes one reluctant to hide all under the cowl.


Displacement: 100 ccm
Bore: 42.6 mm
Stoke: 35.0 mm
Weight: 2475 g
including Ignition: 2620 g
Output: 7.6 kW / 10.3 PS
RPM-Range: 1000 - 6700 1/min
RPM Max: 8500 1/min
Fuel Consumption: 4.4 Liters/h @ 6000 1/min
Menz 2-Blade: 26x12", 27x10", 28x10"
Super Silence Carbon 2-Blade: 28x12", 27x12", 26x14"
Super Silence Carbon 3-Blade: 26x12", 25x12"
Fuel: 1:50
Ref. n: DA100L