Flight computer for Xicoy V10 Fadecs (Older V6 in option). Basic version.


2.4 full color touchscreen display, high quality, sunlight readable.
Connection to the Xicoy fadec to collect the engine data and display in graphical form
GPS module connection (option) to collect the coordinates, ground speed, date, time and altitude.
3 axis accelerometer to measure the G load in all 3 axis.
Barometer/altimeter/termometer. Measures barometric altitude and air density to calculate the engine performance.
Telemetry output to send all the data trough the telemetry link of the radio. Currently supported Jeti, Futaba, HoTT, Multiplex, Spektrum, JR DMSS and Weatronic.
SD card to store all measures from sensors, battery voltage, engine data, Supplied with a card capable of 2.000 hours of recording, one set of data each 0,5.
Data analyzable by a supplied computer software and exportable to Excel and Google Earth.
Software updatable trough the SD card.

Includes lead and SD memory card

Does not include the pressure sensor for Pitot airsped, Basic units cannot be upgraded late to add this feature.

Please contact us if your ecu is an older model (Connection using an 8 pin connector) so that we can supply the apprpriate converter.

Instructions manual:

Windows analys software and instructions:

Introductory video:

Engine run video:

Software upgrade (only for Spektrum JR users):
Ref. n: JMFC1B