PB Radios-RX
Powerbox ATOM

1590,00 €

18-channel radio control system:
Full 2048-step resolution for all 18 channels
Genuinely redundant 2.4GHz transmission for extreme resistance to interference
Extreme range
Redundant PowerBox power supply system with Li-Ion batteries
Powerful real-time telemetry
Up to 800 telemetry values per second
Open servo and telemetry bus interface
Sensors and receivers can be set up conveniently from the transmitter
Ability to bind two receivers with equal rights
Same speed of telemetry and reception with both receivers
Robust stick units machined from solid aluminium
Quadruple ballraces
Hall sensors for sticks and linear controls
20 transmitter controls + 2 optional stick switches

Full-colour capacitive touch-screen
High-contrast screen, legible in sunlight
Ultra-simple to program, even with complex models
Intuitive menu system with Smartkeys
Licensed Acapella TTS module for speech output
Speech output without *.wav files - text input only required
Supports 8 languages, with many different voices
6 flight modes with priority control
Comprehensive timer options
Virtual switches
Servo cut-off function
Receiver update from the transmitter by radio link
Perfectly balanced in the hands
Alcantara handrests for maximum comfort in use
File Manager for exchanging data and backing up models
Integral Linux system for every imaginable expansion
Made in Germany!


Technical Data
Power supply Li-Ion
Channels 18
Servo signal resolution 2048 Steps
Screen TFT - Touch
Weight 1190g
Temperature range -30°C to +85°C
N° de réf.: PB8301