PB Systems
PowerBox Source


High performance
Optimised cooling
Small size
Optional OLED screen, 128x64 pixels
Four different output voltages
Suitable for use with all battery types
Can be controlled by PowerBox CORE, switch, BlueCom or USB interface
Supports six different telemetry systems: CORE PBUS, Jeti EX-Bus, Futaba S.BUS2, Multiplex M-Link, Graupner Hott, JR DMSS

Redundant regulator design
Suppression of servo feedback currents
Protection against electro-static discharge
Integral regulator monitoring
Can be updated using the USB Interface or BlueCom Adapter


Technical Data
Operating voltage 4.0V - 9.0V
Power supply 2S LiPo, 2S LiIon, 2S LiFePo, 5S NiCd/NiMH
Current drain Power-on state 85mA
Current drain Standby 10A
Maximum load current Peak 2x20A
Drop-out voltage 0.3V
Output voltage 5.9V / 7.4V / 7.8V / 8.4V
Screen OLED 128 x 64 pixels (optional)
Supported telemetry systems PowerBox, Jeti, Futaba, Graupner, Multiplex, JR
Dimensions 54 x 88 x 23 mm
Weight 77 g
Weight Sensor Switch 15 g
Temperature range -30C to +85C

Set contents

PowerBox Source
2 PowerPatch-leads (1x MPX / MPX and 2x MPX / JR)
4 rubber grommets and brass spacers, factory-fitted
4 retaining screws
Operating instructions in English and German
Ref. n: PB3420