2180,00 €
The SAB model is a 1:8 scale of of the ROBODRONE KR175 Drake

• Full sandwich Fiber glass/airex (vacuum technology)
• All parts already painted
• Control surface horns and servo mounts already installed
• Ready to install SAB landing gear
• Super fast assembly, everything setup at the factory
• Small packaging for lower shipping cost

High angle thrust vectoring

Vector allow a deviation of the flow untill 30° angle. Made in INOX, with TIG welds, completely in metal. Coaxial to the gas turbine outlet pipe, it has a direct response, with no dead zone. The precision is maximum.

Wing Span 175 cm
Maximum Length 220 cm
Turbine 12-25kg
Dry Weight RTF from 12 to 13Kg depending on equipment
Tank capacity 4.5 liters
N° de réf.: SAK175

Options disponibles

Option Prix Quantité
Drake-Havok - Train rentrant + contrôleur
N° de réf.: S0084-S
399,00 €
Drake-Havok - 3 Jambes de train rentrant
N° de réf.: S0083-S
149,00 €
Drake-Havok - Roues et freins pour train rentrant
N° de réf.: S0085-S
249,00 €