Scale jets turbine
F-84F Thunderstreak

In Of the 197 Republic F-84F Thunderstreaks delivered to Belgium as of 1955, some 180 were acquired in the framework of the Mutual Defence Assistance Programme (MDAP). Most of these aircraft were delivered by aircraft carrier to the port of Rotterdam, as were Streaks destined for the Dutch Koninklijke Luchtmacht. From the port the aircraft were transported by road to Avio-Diepen at Ypenburg (Nl.) were the protective covers were removed and the aircraft made flyable. During several months some Belgian pilots have transferred in flight the fighter-bombers to the operational bases in Belgium. In August 1955 the first Belgian Thunderstreak was delivered to N 3 Squadron of the 2nd Wing based at Florennes. Towards the end of the same month two Belgian pilots had the honour to break the sound-barrier, something which made it on the front cover of all national newspapers. In the hands of pilots such as Marette and Dupont, Belgian Thunderstreaks executed fascinating solo displays all over Europe.
Wing span (m) 2,05m
Length (m) 2,60m
Weight (kg) 14-16 kgs
Engine (cc) 13-15 kgs
Ref. n: SC-F84F

Available options

Option Price Amount
F-84F Scale legs with scalerims,tires
Ref. n: SC-8401
F-84F Gear frames with controler
Ref. n: SC-8402
F-84F Tinanium Exhaust
Ref. n: SC-8403
F84F Cockpit
Ref. n: SC-8404
F84F Pilot
Ref. n: SC-8405
F-84F airbrake
Ref. n: SC-8406
F-84F Landing gear doors
Ref. n: SC-8407
F-84F Bags for transport
Ref. n: SC-8408