Scale jets turbine

2595,00 €

This is the last model designed by CHRISTEN DIFFUSION and now produced by ZNLINE in Belgium. ZNLINE is the new owner of the complete range of those beautifull scale models.

The kits are made with the same process with same type of resin and glassfiber or carbon tissus, the only difference is that we have redesigned all parts with CAD.

We produce our own herex plates with glasfiber or carbon and we mill all wood and herex parts with our milling machine in our factory.


The kit is full composite paint in the mold ( one grey color ) the fuselage in 2 parts unglued , air intakes and duct unglued, the canopy frame and canopy to be install, ailerons servos door to open, control horns unglued, gear door to cut and install, rudder to install.

LUXE VERSION: The kit is full composite paint in the mold ( one gray color ) We can make another scheme like SOLO DISPLAY with an extra charges. The fuselage is glued in one piece with air intakes and duct completly installed.All wood parts installed, the canopy frame and the canopy installed. servos doors cutted and ready to install servos.the gear is installed . the gear doors are cutted, but NOT installed, see OPTIons.the tubes are installed with heater protection.the rudder removable is installed.


Fuselage front /rear.

2 Canards.

1 Fuselage engine door.

1 Engine cowl.

3 Gear doors.

1 Canopy frame.

1 Canopy transparent.

2 Ailerons linkage covers.

2 Missile rails.

1 Pair of sandwich herex wings.

1 Rudder sandwich herex.

2 Tails cones.

All wood and herex parts milled and installed.

CD instructions.

Wing span (m) 1.67m
Length (m) 2.47m
Weight (kg) 14-15 kgs
Engine (cc) MONO-140/160 or BI 2x80/100
Ref. n°: K46/S

Available options

Option Price Amount
Rafale 1/6 LUXE
Ref. n°: K46/L
3249,00 €
Rafale 1/6 Gear doors ( installation )
Ref. n°: K46/GD
245,00 €
Rafale 1/6 E Gear-Brakes-controler
Ref. n°: K46/100
1660,00 €
RAFALE 1/6 Tube for mono turbine
Ref. n°: K46/102-30
220,00 €
Rafale 1/6 thrust tube simple
Ref. n°: K46/102
380,00 €
Rafale 1/6 thrust tube Y for mono
Ref. n°: K46/102-2
450,00 €
Rafale 1/6 PU tank for wings ( price for 1P )
Ref. n°: k46/104A
40,00 €
Rafale 1/6 PU tank for Fuselage ( price for 1p )
Ref. n°: K46/104F
99,00 €
Rafale 1/6 Belly tank Subsonic
Ref. n°: K46/131
99,00 €
Rafale 1/6 Flex tank for Supersonic or Subsonic. 2.6L
Ref. n°: K46/105-2
79,00 €
RAFALE Missile rail for tips (1 p )
Ref. n°: K46/139
69,00 €
Rafale 1/6 Wing tank supersonic
Ref. n°: K46/130
99,00 €
Rafale 1/6 seat
Ref. n°: K46/132
49,00 €
Rafale 1/6 Instruments board
Ref. n°: K46/134
34,00 €
Rafale 1/6 Light set
Ref. n°: K46/115
159,00 €
Rafale 1/6 Pilot
Ref. n°: K46/135
165,00 €
RAFALE 1/6 Cover set wing rudder
Ref. n°: K46/108
179,00 €
JETCAT After burner ( 1P ) 120mm
Ref. n°: JC61163-20
100,00 €
Ref. n°: JC61162-0040
59,90 €
RAFALE 1/6 Cockpit luxe
Ref. n°: K46/190
200,00 €
RAFALE 1/6 Enjoliveur roue avant - AIR
Ref. n°: K46/191
70,00 €
RAFALE 1/6 Enjoliveur roue avant - MARINE
Ref. n°: K46/192
70,00 €
RAFALE 1/6.4 Rear Cone 1p
Ref. n°: K46/125
59,00 €
WIZARD M tank 3L
Ref. n°: K42/104
160,00 €
Ref. n°: K42/104-UAT
220,00 €
Ref. n°: K42/105
170,00 €
Ref. n°: K42/105-UAT
240,00 €