Duplex MGPS


Exact informations about the altitude and distance of a model in space are extremely important guidance elements for the pilot who is remote controlling the model. Thanks to the GPS satellite positioning system the MGPS sensor defines the exact model position and calculates speed, altitude and distance from the point of origin, furthermore the course, azimuth and the total covered distance. In order to be able to record the measured data the MGPS sensor is equipped with a memory for approximately 9 hours of uninterrupted data recording with a numerosity of one record per second (4MB). For a simple analysis of measured data the sensor keeps informations of minima and maxima which can be browsed with the aid of the JETIBOX. A more detailed analysis of measured data can be achieved by copying data from the sensor to a PC and map depicted trajectories or carry out other analysis modes. With the aid of the wireless DUPLEX system actual informations of the MGPS sensor can be transmitted and depicted in real time by the JETIBOX terminal. Optional USB-Interface.
Dimensions [mm] 50 x 30 x 12,5
Weight [g]
Ref. n: DU1314