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Jet Afterburner Simulator NF-Jet2 belt

NF-Jet2 module serves to simulate flame on the output of the jet engine using red and yellow ultra bright LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) 3mm. Intensity of the flame follows the power of the engine. First color starts to light at the beginning of "gas" range. The second color starts on the middle of the range. To increase the reality of the flame the light intensity changes in pseudo-random period. The frequency of changes speeds up when increasing the engine power.

The module has two sets of outputs and can power lights for one or two engines. The outputs can be also connected in parallel (Red1 to Red2 and Yellow1 to Yellow2) to power one engine with doubled light intensity.

The module has two outputs for light rings. Each output drives two colors. Usually the first color is red and the second one is yellow.

The module NF-Jet2 is optimized to work with LED belts having one range of LEDs 3mm. NFJet belts are produced in two variants.

The first version contains one range of LEDs 3 mm with total of 15 segmenst (2Leds per segment) with maximal diameter of 75mm.

The other version contains two belts of LEDs 3 mm with total of 12 segmenst per belt (2Leds per segment) with maximal diameter of 60mm.

The NF-Jet belts can be modified by user. Every segment represents 5mm on diameter and can be removed to shorten the belt.
N° de réf.: ZNNFJ2