Desert Aircraft DA-70 Boxer ( stock )

1020,00 €
esert Aircraft DA-70

400 RPM more than the DA 60 on the same prop.
Custom built DA carburettor cover with optimized air pressure measuring right beside the intake.
Aerobatic power curve.
Cylinder piston and crankshaft developed by Desert Aircraft.
CNC milled, 7075 T-6 alloy crankcase.
Long conrod with gudgeon pin located very near to piston crown to reduce side thrust.
Walbro Choke-Carburetor with Desert Aircraft four petal reed valve.
Battery ignition with automatic advance and retard.
DA engines are designed using the latest tools and techniques, including 3D CAD and Stereo Lithography.

Compared to other flat twin engines in its class, the DA 70 has an excellent power to weight ratio. The DA-70 out turns the DA 60 by about 400 RPM on the same prop, with a weight of only 1850 g including the ignition!

The specially made carburetor cover not only looks very neat; it measures the intake pressure directly next to the carburetor intake. As a result of this, air pressure fluctuations inside the cowling do not affect the carburetor so much as with conventional Walbro covers.

A prominent feature with DA-engines is the very long front crankcase. The third bearing is placed well forward, directly behind the propeller hub. The very stiff and long crankshaft housing makes for ease of installing the engine under the cowl.

The DA-70 has been designed especially to run with two silencers and only develops its enormous power with these.
A As with all DA engines, the DA-70 has been factory test run and the carburetor needles adjusted. The world wide DA service and support is unique.

If you want to enjoy the smooth running characteristics of a flat twin engine, then the DA-70 is the ideal power plant for your model in the 60-80 class.


Displacement: 70 cc
Weight: 1700 g
including Ignition: 1850 g
RPM-Range: 1000 - 6900 1/min
Menz 2-Blade: 22x12", 24x8", 24x10"
Super Silence Carbon 2-Blade: 24x12", 24x8" PRO
Super Silence 3-Blade: 21x12", 22x10", 22x12"
Fuel: 1:50
N° de réf.: DA70